9 Tips For Writing Emails That Get Opened, Read, And Clicked

Are you tired of pouring your heart and soul into crafting emails only to see them unopened, ignored, or even marked as spam?

I get that I’m here to share my top 7 tips for writing emails that not only get opened but also read and clicked! 🎉

Let me guide you to a world where your emails shine like stars in your subscribers’ inboxes! ☕✨

Use a Clear and Concise Subject Line 🎯

A killer subject line is key to getting your emails opened. After all, it’s the first thing your subscribers see and needs to grab their attention! So, make it engaging and straight to the point. If you can, add a touch of personalization, it works wonders!

Pro Tip: Test out different subject lines with a handy tool like SubjectLine.com, which scores your subject lines based on various factors. This way, you’ll know what works best for your audience!

Keep Your Message Short and to the Point

Time is precious, and nobody wants to read a lengthy email! Keep your message concise yet informative, so your subscribers can easily digest the content.

Use short paragraphs, bullet points, and bold text to highlight the most important bits. Trust me; your subscribers will thank you for it!

Personalize Your Email

Who doesn’t love feeling special? Personalize your emails by addressing your subscribers by their first name and making the content relevant to their needs or interests.

You’ll create a bond with your audience, and they’ll be more likely to engage with your emails.

Convertkit helps you personalize your email using its powerful automation features.

Use Images Sparingly

While images can add visual appeal to your emails, use them judiciously. Too many images may trigger spam filters, and nobody wants that!

Stick to one or two relevant images that enhance your message, and you’ll be golden.

Use Calls to Action

Guide your subscribers to take action! Use clear, direct calls to action (CTAs) that tell your readers exactly what you want them to do. Whether it’s clicking a link, signing up for a webinar, or purchasing a product, make it impossible to miss! 🚀

Pro Tip: Use contrasting colors and enticing language to make your CTAs pop and drive those clicks! 💥

Make It Easy to Unsubscribe

I know it’s a bummer when someone unsubscribes, but respecting their choice is important. Making it easy to unsubscribe saves you from potential spam complaints and helps you maintain a healthy and engaged subscriber list.

Trust me, it’s better in the long run!

Proofread Your Email

Nothing says “unprofessional,” like a bunch of typos or grammatical errors! Before hitting that “send” button, take a few moments to proofread your email thoroughly. This small step can make a huge difference in how your subscribers perceive you and your brand.

Grammarly is a fantastic tool that I always use to ensure my emails are mistake-free!

Track Your Results

Once you’ve sent out your emails, track their performance. Most email marketing platforms have reporting features that give you insights into open and click-through rates.

Use this data to tweak your strategy and create better content for future emails!

Following up

Don’t be afraid to follow up with your subscribers. If they haven’t opened or clicked an email after a few days, send out a friendly reminder in the form of another email, text message, or social media post.

Following up is a great way to remind people that you’re still around and interested in what they have to say.


Following these seven tips, you’ll craft emails that are opened, read, and clicked. Remember, it’s all about connecting with your audience, providing value, and standing out in their inboxes!

Now, go forth and conquer the world of email marketing armed with these awesome tips and tricks!

Oh, and if you have any questions or want to share your email success stories, please comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

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